Our Service

REINARD is an online service platform, which provides additional documents for regulatory purposes.

Fast, easy and global

With REINARD's new online platform companies can now order any additional document with any legalisation level from any manufacturer or authority easier than ordering online flowers.

The order-form ensures that all details are included from the beginning and employees at REINARD ensures a fast and continuous progress of the orders until delivery.

Order Traceability

Customers can at any time log into their account, where a unique ID number will follow each order and thereby secure order traceability and foreseeable invoices.

Our customer support will also send you a notification both when your orders have been processed and when your orders have been send.

Price Structure

REINARD’s price structure is that we forward all direct related fees from authorities, manufacturer, currier, etc. to the customer (those fees you would have to pay anyway).

On top of that we add a REINARD-fee of 75 USD for a basic scanned electronic copy, and

  • 50 USD extra for an original paper document.
  • 75 USD extra for legalization or notarization.

For larger costumers, we provide a discount of up to 50 %. We do not use complicated contracts and the invoices are send after delivery.

How You Place An Order

When ordering any of the below listed documents, your orders will be handled within 24 hours. For any other documents please send an inquiry to our customer support.

Documents provided as a standard service

  • GMP-, ISO-, CE-, GLP-, TSE-, CPP certificates
  • Establishment- and Manufacturing license
  • Technical Agreement
  • Audit Report
  • Marketing Authorization
  • DMF (Drug Master File)
  • SMF (Site Master File)

Tutorial - how to place an order

Please watch the video tutorial below to learn how to place an order.